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About Us

PSG Difference

The Power Supplies Group acknowledges the importance of differentiating our business from the competition. Therefore we strive to bring something different to the market together with new and innovative products and services to add value to our customer base.

The Power Supplies Group have over 30 years combined experience in the electricity market in the power generation, transmission and distribution sectors. This has enabled us to understand what is important to our customers and what are the biggest frustrations in dealing with other suppliers in this industry.

We have listened to our customers so we understand the importance of knowledge and experience and this is the “PSG Difference” which is central to the value we add.

Market Knowledge

The PSG team has an in depth market knowledge and understanding of the power generation, transmission and distribution sectors, in addition to renewable energy markets in onshore and offshore wind, solar and energy storage. This knowledge is key to us competently engaging with project managers and engineers to enable us discuss system design and project construction and enables us to specify the correct materials for a project without the delays associated with manufacturer support and assistance.

Product Knowledge

We have a detailed knowledge of power products either supplied by us or our competition enabling us to work with our customer to facilitate correct product selection. We understand the application, technical characteristics, installation, test standards of all products so our customers can contact us with the confidence we understand their installation and can support them with right technical advice.

Network Approvals

An in depth understanding of network product approvals across distribution network operators (DNO), independent distribution network operators (IDNO), transmission system operators (TSO) and Network Rail are critical to our customers and our business based on the products we specify supply. We have direct contact we most network owners to ensure we are kept upto date with product approvals, contract periods and new contract awards that effect the products our customers install on these adopted networks.