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Training & Demonstrations

The Power Supplies Group are committed to ensuring that all new and existing customers are aware of the latest products and software and receive training to ensure they are competent designers and installers.

The U.K electricity market in generation, transmission and distribution has used many of same products and brands for the last 10 years with limited change. The Power Supplies Group drawing on experience internationally is looking to introduce new products and services and central to this is creating awareness and competence through product demonstrations and training.

Product Familiarisation Training

PSG acknowledge that product familiarisation training is critical for joints and terminations to ensure jointers understand how to install the products supplied based their familiarity with other brands. Therefore PSG can arrange product training for MV & HV joints and terminations that are DNO approved or used on the private side of a project manufactured by REPL, ENSTO, NKT or Pfisterer here in the U.K or in Europe on request.

Certified Jointer Training

PSG working with REPL have identified the lack of competency based training courses in the U.K  and has successfully trialled a REPL 11kV Certified Jointer training course. This course involves  background in cable construction, cable design theory, practical training, AC withstand and partial discharge testing. This certified course will be delivered in the future by a  jointer training school who has applied to get the course accredited by City & Guilds. Please contact PSG for more information on the City & Guild Certified jointer course.

Software Training

The Polywater Pull Planner software is a tool to aid with cable pulling calculations and enables you to calculate the pulling tension and sidewall pressure on the cable. This is achieved by inputting the cable sheath material, duct material, cable weight, cable route and the co-efficiency of friction of the pulling lubricants for each cable pull. This polywater software is free to download and is utilized by most EHV cable contractors in the U.K on onshore cable installations for many offshore windfarms in addition to interconnector projects. PSG can arrange SKYPE and face to face software training with Polywater on how to use this software on request.


PSG recognise the importance of product demonstrations on the use and installation of joints and terminations and tools and equipment. Therefore we can arrange product demonstrations with our supply chain at customers premises to showcase the latest products and innovations. Please contact PSG for more information and to book a demonstration.