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Features & Benefits

  • Type J cable pulling lubricant is the most versatile all round product on the market which is recommended for long pulls and multiple bend pull in hot environments
  • Available in pourable version to facilitate pumping of lubricant into cable ducts
  • Type J pulling lubricant is slow drying and leaves a thin film that retains its lubricity for months after installations
  • Harmless to humans and environmental safe
  • Clean and non-staining which minimises clean up time
  • High cling factor and stays on cable jacket during application
  • A winter grade is available which performs at temperatures as low as -30C
  • Can be installed with a drill power LP-D5 installation pump

Cable pull lubricants

Universal Pulling Lubricant – J Type

A universal cable pulling lubricant which is designed to provide superior friction reduction in all types of cable pulling but is recommended for long pulls, multiple bend pulls in general electrical and distribution / transmission cable installations.

Part No J Type Part No J - PourablePack Quantity Litres