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The RIDGID® SR-20 / 24 locators are a range off next generation tools used to locate and map underground electric, gas and water services with speed, accuracy and confidence. 

The SR-20 / 24 locators can be used with a RIDGID® Seektech® transmitter to locate the position of buried utilities. When an electromagnetic signal field is present on a metallic conductor, the locator shows a map of the signals estimated position and direction. When interfering or conflicting signals are detected, the locator informs the operator, reducing the likelihood of an inaccurate result. Additionally, with integrated GPS and Bluetooth™ technology on the SR-24, comprehensive locate data can be streamed to a smartphone or tablet and exported to GIS software.

Omnidirectional Antenna System
Capture the complete signal field for greater speed and accuracy

Large Mapping Display
Large display shows the utilities estimated position, direction and depth providing and intuitive locating experience. Target line and guidance arrows quickly identify distortion. 

Gradient Antennas
Deliver left/right guidance and help to evaluate signal shape 

Foldable Antenna Mast
For easy transport and storage 

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