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Power Distribution

Power Distribution is the process in which electricity is connected from the transmission network to the end user. The regional distribution networks connect to the other side of the grid supply points and distribute electricity to industrial, commercial and domestic users in the U.K.

The primary power distribution network transmits electricity from the grid supply points using overhead and underground 132kV & 66kV cable networks. The electricity is then disseminated down onto 33kV & 11kV underground cable networks via transformers in secondary substations to enable deliver to the end user.

Distribution Network Operators (DNO)

A distribution network operator (DNO) owns, manages and maintains a distribution network in a regional area in accordance with the license from the regulator OFGEM. There are 14 DNO licensed areas owned and operated by seven different electricity groups.

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO)

An independent distribution network operator (IDNO) owns and operates smaller implanted network located within area covered by the DNOs. There are thirteen IDNO licenses in the U.K.